Good to know that im not good enough for my parents; aka the two people who claim to love me unconditionally. Yea. Fuck that. Unconditional my ass.


Am even fucking good enough for you? I know im not fucking perfect, but i do my best to please you… You always say that school is my biggest priority, but why i try my best in school and i slack a little in helping you, dont you see you push me away from school?!? What the fuck am i supposed to do!!! I fucking hate that you dont see that, because in all honesty, i do alot more than you could ever fucking do in one day. So why dont you shut the fuck up and let your 19 year old son do his shit on his own. And who the hell grounds their 19 year old son. Really? What the fuck.

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If girls had a penis for a day:




No I’ll be more like :




you forgot one




Lol gotta wait for the last one lmfao

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Anonymous said: hi


Anonymous said: bffl = best friend for life

A certain person whom I know is posting this. AKA  you are

Anonymous said: you didnt answer, ass or tits?

I prefer that the girl has a good even amount of both.

Anonymous said: 3 wishes, and go

1. I wish I had a new car.

2. I wish i didnt have an ass load of bills.

3. I wish I knew who this was. lol

Anonymous said: how do you react to your problems

Depends on the problem.